The Farmer in the Martindale

We are a 7-acre family-owned and operated farm located near Austin, Texas. We raise rare breed standard bred chickens, St. Croix Sheep, Emus and Turkeys.  In the spring our population explodes with baby chicks and the birth of lambs.  Our goal is to hatch enough chicks and to raise them to compete at poultry shows and to have extras for others that desire the same quality. So feel free to browse this blog to see what goes on in this part of Texas.

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There importance of raising our own birds and produce

Who we are

Farmer in the Martindale is a blog about gardening and raising standard bred poultry in a small Texas town called Martindale. Chickens and gardening give us peace and serenity. Every year we repeat the same process of hatching and raising baby chicks to maturity. We don’t just do this for money we do this because we love to.


We have been raising chickens for 5 years for exhibition, meat and eggs.

Chickens for food

Our chickens are humanely raised in large coops with big yards. The chickens get to go outside everyday to dig for worms and to eat grass and breathe fresh air. They are not overcrowded and experience a good life. We collect the eggs to hatch and to eat. Once in awhile we let the hens hatch their own eggs. It is a joy to see a mother hen and her chicks. The extra chickens that we don’t sell or keep are eatten.

Plenty to go around

We raise plenty of standard bred chickens to share with others. We have selected poultry that are difficult to find and are classified as heritage breeds. They breed naturally and if allowed will raise their own young. We select the ones we want to keep for our breeding stock and sell the rest. If you are looking for rare breeds we may have what you want.